Big Green Egg 101


Are you a grilling or barbecue enthusiast? Do you live to create grilled masterpieces? If you don’t already know about the Big Green Egg, pay attention. The Big Green Egg is going to rock your world. It’s not a traditional American gas or charcoal grill, but a modern version of an ancient clay cooker. And EvilO is the only authorized dealer of the Big Green Egg in Hot Springs.

A Big Green Egg???

The Big Green Egg gets its name because it is big (the most popular size weights 162 pounds), green (the outside is a characteristic green color), and well…shaped like an egg. They are inspired by ancient Japanese wood or charcoal stoves called kamado. During WWII, American servicemen noticed the movable kamado ovens called mushikamado, and brought the idea back to the United States. Ed Fisher, the founder of Big Green Egg, was one of them. He opened the first Big Green Egg store in 1974 in Atlanta, GA.

Since 1974, the original design has been refined to feature:
— State-of-the-art ceramic construction that is durable and provides superior heat insulation.
— Patented draft door and vent cap for easy temperature adjustment
— Easily opened spring-assisted hinge system on lid.
— A durable stainless steel cooking grid.
— 7 different sizes to meet every customer’s needs.

What Sets Them Apart?

The Big Green Egg is more versatile than a standard grill. You can grill, roast, or smoke any kind of meat. In addition, you can bake bread, pizza, casseroles, cobblers, or pies.

The egg shape along with controllable air vents at the top and bottom, create an efficient circulation of airflow. This makes lighting the charcoal quick and easy and allows precise temperature control. You can maintain cooking temperature within a few degrees. The airtight ceramic cooking chamber retains heat and prevents food from drying out.

The fire box is sealed and the outside ceramic surface does not get as hot as a metal grill. Therefore, it is safer and will not cause burns if touched during cooking.

And who doesn’t love something easy to clean? The ceramic surface is sealed with a porcelain glaze that is easy to wipe down. Residual heat burns away any grease build up inside the oven, similar to a self-cleaning oven. Minimal ash build up, means you don’t need to constantly clean the bottom of the grill.

In fact, Big Green Egg is so confident about their design, they offer a limited lifetime warranty with all their grills. Each grill includes a stainless steel cooking grid and an external temperature gauge. Come down to EvilO today and check out the Big Green Egg for yourself. We would love to help you find one that is right for you. If you already have a Big Green Egg, we offer a full range of accessories and cookbooks to help you cook almost anything.

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