Start a Fire with Stump Chunks

When you're tailgating or enjoying a cookout, you want to spend time with your friends and family, not nursing a fire.  Stump Chunks to the rescue!  Get your fire going, so you can open a beer and relax with everyone else.  Stump Chunks are the brain child of 4 brothers in New Hampshire.  One cold night in New England, they needed a quick and easy way to start a fire.  They tried using the dried chunks of wood from old tree stumps, and the rest is grilling history.  As their motto proclaims, "It just works".
Stump Chunks are green and self-sustaining.  Made with 100% wood, they contain no chemicals or additives.  The brothers have taken stumps that previously were left in holes to decompose and contaminate the water supply and recycled them into an essential BBQ tool.
EvilO is proud to add Stump Chunks to our arsenal of grilling, smoking, and barbecue products.  Stop by the store to try them for yourself.

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  • Lisa Emmert
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