Which Big Green Egg is Right for You?


As the only certified Big Green Egg distributor in Hot Springs, we carry 6 of the 7 Big Green Egg sizes. We can order all 7 Eggs to meet the needs of all our customers. So how do you know which Egg to choose? Here is a quick guide to choosing your Egg.

XXLarge: This egg is perfect for large group cookouts such as family reunions, class reunions, and company picnics. It is also a good choice for restaurants.
Grid diameter = 29 inches
Cooking area = 672 square inches
Weight = 470 pounds
The XXLarge can cook: 35-40 burgers
14-16 whole chickens
18-20 steaks
20 racks of ribs
1 suckling pig

XLarge: Cooks enough for large families and backyard barbecues.
Grid diameter = 24 inches
Cooking area = 452 square inches
Weight = 219 pounds
The XLarge can cook: 2 (20-pound) turkeys
24 burgers
11 whole chickens
12 steaks
12 racks of ribs

Large: The most popular Egg. It is the ideal size for most families.
Grid diameter = 18.25 inches
Cooking area = 262 square inches
Weight = 162 pounds
The Large can cook: a 20 pound turkey
12 burgers
6 whole chickens
8 steaks
7 racks of ribs

Medium: This egg accommodates small families or couples.
Grid diameter = 15 inches
Cooking area = 177 square inches
Weight = 113 pounds
The Medium can cook: an 18 pound turkey
6 burgers
3 whole chickens
4 steaks
4 racks of ribs

Small: This is the perfect Egg for small patios and balconies.
Grid diameter = 13 inches
Cooking area = 133 square inches
Weight = 80 pounds
The Small can cook: a twelve pound turkey
4 burgers
1 whole chicken
2 steaks
1 rack of ribs

MiniMax: This Egg includes handles perfect for transporting to campsites and tailgate parties.
Grid diameter = 13 inches
Cooking area = 133 square inches
Weight = 90 pounds
The MiniMax can cook: a twelve pound turkey
4 burgers
2 steaks
1 rack of ribs

Mini: The mini is perfect for poolside and any other small area.
Grid diameter = 10 inches
Cooking area = 79 square inches
Weight = 36 pounds
The Mini can cook: 2 chicken breasts
2 pork chops
1 steak

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