Bison 520 Air Lighter

Product Description
  • A portable air-driven fire lighter that jets a 4-inch flame, instantly igniting charcoal and wood before delivering airflow to quickly spread flames.

    • Light BBQs, campfires, wood fireplaces, and just about any other fire

    • Portable

    • Uses butane fuel

    • Bison Airlighter Fuel has been ultra filtered and tested not to clog the microscopic jets inside the fuel line

    • Safe, CPSC compliant

    • Air-cooling keeps the barrel cool to the touch while operating

    USB rechargeable, cable included. Average re-charge from dead to fully charged batteries is about 6 hours. With a full tank of fuel and a full battery, you can expect about 25-40 fire lightings before you need to recharge. If you like to go all the way from cold-to-cooking as fast as possible, then you can expect about 10 fire lightings before needing to recharge

  • Airlighter 520 features a folding handle with three different positions

  • Child safety lock to prevent accidental ignition

$ 79.95

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