Jack Daniels Smoking Chips

Product Description

These smoking chips are made from the charred white oak barrels used to age Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. During the aging process, the whiskey is drawn in and out of the wood, giving it its distinctive color and flavor. A portion remains in the wood after the barrels are empties and some of them are made into Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel Smoking Chips. These chips add the distinct whiskey flavor to foods cooked on your grill or electric smoker.

  • Adds the distinct flavor of Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Brand to your smoked meats
  • Wood chips for smoking made from real Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Brand whiskey barrels
  • Produces a mouth-watering combination of whiskey and oak wood smoke
  • Can be used with gas grills and electric smokers as well as charcoal grills
  • Made in the USA
$ 10.00

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