French Fleur De Sel Sea Salt

Product Description

Fleur de Sel sea salt is hand harvested off the coast of Brittany, France. Known as one of the world's finest sea salt, Fleur de Sel is used by chefs and gourmets worldwide. Fleur de Sel is a moist sea salt, containing a natural balance of the sea and her minerals. It has a slightly grey, almost pink hue with a moist texture and is best used as a finishing salt.

DISTINCTIVELY DELICIOUS: Unlike ordinary table salt, French Fleur de Sel has a delicious taste without being acrid or bitter. You wouldn't want to go back to ordinary and heavily processed table salt once you've experienced this sea salt’s distinctive, delicious taste. Sprinkle it over just before serving. Wonderful on leafy green salads, grilled meats and fish, or sprinkled over slices of cool melon or pineapple. It’s amazing sprinkled on dark and milk chocolate as well!

$ 15.00