Polynesian Pineapple Rub

Product Description

Our Polynesian Pineapple Rub all the sweet and savory flavors of your favorite teriyaki sauce plus a burst of fruity pineapple.  Simply coat your meat in oil and season with the spice blend before cooking.

TERIYAKI PLUS PINEAPPLE: This sweet and savory teriyaki blend is sweetened with brown sugar, honey, and pineapple while soy sauce, ginger and sesame add nutty and savory notes. NOT JUST FOR THE BBQ: Polynesian Pineapple rub is delicious as a bbq rub for ribs, chicken and brisket, but that is just the beginning of what it can do. Season a side of salmon with this blend before roasting it in the oven. Toss this blend with chicken wings and then dredge in potato starch before cooking wings in the air fryer. Use this blend in vegetable stir fries or use it to season tofu before baking.

$ 10.00

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