Soup Noodles

Product Description
This soup noodle will take your broth away! This is a perfect pasta to throw into a pot of soup for those cold comforting nights. As all of our pasta, our Soup Noodles are bronze die extruded and made with All Organic Durum Semolina grown and milled here in North America. Our flour is milled to order! It cannot get any fresher than that! About Zelli Pasta: Zelli pasta has a little different look, feel, and quality than most are used to. There are a few reasons for this: Our pasta is made using bronze extruder dies. They leave the pasta with a rougher surface area for sauce to cling to. Most large manufacturers use Teflon dies because they are more efficient and easier; however, the pasta ends up being shiny and slippery. Not a good combo for sauce.  We use high quality organic durum wheat flour.
$ 12.00